A Hole Has Appeared In the Center of Antarctica And Scientists Are Rushing to Understand Why

Antarctica is one of the world's most mysterious continents. Covered in 98% ice, and the last in the world to be discovered and explored, this place is the most uninhabitable on earth, and is covered in ice that in places is almost 2km thick. First discovered in 1820 by Russian explorer Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev, it would take until 1895 that the ice continent would be explored properly. The continent is also wrought with controversy, with multiple countries staking claims to different parts of it, with some of them overlapping. 

But as the world has started to shift and the environment with it, scientists have started to witness hitherto unseen changes that had only been recorded historically in our findings in the ice. But a hole that was discovered in the center of the continent has got scientists abuzz over the developments. So what happened here? Is this natural or another example of man's effect on the global environment. 

A polynas ice hole was discovered in the center of Antarctica
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