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Have You Tried to Turn It Off And On Again?

Funny GIF making fun of the line from IT Crowd of 'Have you tried turning it off and on again'
By DonD4nte

Allergic to Kissing, That's Nuts!

gifs animation squirrels kissing - 6939007232
By orison319

Get Down On Your Claws And Do The Apology Dance

animation dance fry futurama gifs Zoidberg - 5227645696
By electrodinosaur


animation gifs simpsons - 4184854528
By emmanhello


animation anime gifs mammaries - 5776917760
By lol_saint

Work Week

animation gifs sad but true - 6527448064
Via Explosm

Toilet Paper Animation

Funny GIF of a cute toilet paper animation.
By Unknown


animation bart simpson chainsaw gifs homer simpsons - 6091862528
By ChinaStolen

These Toys Are Crazy

Akira animation best movie ever creepy gifs toys - 6036167936
By Unknown

My Reaction Every Monday

animation anime gifs lol monday - 5748959744
By Asciicodeplus

The Reveal

animation cgi drawing gifs magic - 5939937536
By muppetpuppet

The Magic of Tattoos

animation art gifs illusions ink tattoos - 6335304704
Via Poultergeist

Just Watching Time Roll By

animation art clock cool gifs - 6524117760
By PetePete

Stitch is Pixelized

animation cute gifs pixels - 8361558016
By anselmbe

Zombie Best Friend

animation awesome drinking gifs zombie - 5223204352
Via Xtraryder

Kinda How I Remember It

animation fresh prince gifs Spider-Man - 5140653312
By maxystone