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Goats Are Weird

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Now Kitteh Is Thinking With Portals

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Meanwhile in Australia...

animals boxing fighting gifs kangaroo - 8339663872
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animals being jerks to each other, so rude

12 Times Animals Were Totally Rude To Each Other (GIFs)

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An adorable collection of small and cute animals eating and enjoying every minute of it. The cover gif is of a bat swaddled in a blanket being spoon fed with a specially designed for feeding

These Cute Animals Eating Will Have You All Faklempt

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Plastic Bagamal

animals art awesome gifs mindwarp - 4868356608

Goat's Got it Down

goat car funny animals - 7916977664
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Hello Nightmare Bear

costume gifs creepy animals - 8426883584
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Cat GIF - Turn the Light Off!

Amazing GIF of a cat jumping up from the ground and grabbing the chain on the ceiling fan to turn it off.
Created by anselmbe

This is the Best Controller Nintendo Has Released

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Don't Try to Tell This Bird Otherwise

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Dumbest Woodpecker in North Carolina

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Stop Motion Origami Animals

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Octopus Owns a Hubcap

wtf octopus funny animals - 8039092736
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GIFs of animals trying lemon to see if they like it. None of them liked it

These Animals Tried Lemons And Then Fought With The Lemons

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