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Whenever I Hear People Say Text Abbreviations While They Talk

anger gifs eyes reaction gif funny - 7573312768
By noodleninja51

A Real Angry Bird

anger angry birds birds critters dogs gifs - 5591945728
By heinhander11

Foul Ball

anger ball critters dogs gifs pool Sundog - 5327539712
By Unknown

My Anger Face

anger animation bambi deer face gifs - 6421435904
By 19Zoey88


anger flipping the bird gifs mondays rage - 4430672896
By Unknown

Raging Penguin

anger critters fierce gifs penguin rage - 5649933568
By Unknown


anger door FAIL gifs kick police - 4655097600


anger animation animations critters disney gifs smoking Sundog - 4633793024
By kiwiangel

These Lady Lions Are Angry

anger critters gifs lions nature yikes - 6410352128
By Unknown

Nerd Rage

anger best of week gifs nerds rage table throw - 5974561536
By meganeguard (Via

Unleash The Dragon

anger azns gifs pranks Pranks for the Memories punch rage - 6181804032
By Quail666

Dog Reveals Its Anger Issues

dogs anger wtf gifs teeth Sundog emotions - 7077842944
By Unknown


anger critters do not want dogs gifs Sundog towel - 4848792832
By _C_A_T_

What Not to do When Drunk Around a Cop

anger cops drinking drunk gifs rage St Patrick's Day - 6004733184
By Unknown

This Curtain is Pissed

anger animation batman disguise gifs - 5101775872
By maxystone

Alan Rickman Hates Tables

anger celeb gifs makes sense rage slow motion table flipping - 6230531072
By Unknown
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