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Bob's Accidental Punch

accident FAIL gifs ouch punch - 5976842752
Created by Unknown

Sometimes You Gotta Know When to Stop Love

yikes FAIL accident cars funny cows - 7625860352
Created by Unknown

Mind The Gap!

FAIL gifs accident cars idiot - 6968687616
Created by ToolBee

Unexpected Car Wash

FAIL mindwarp gifs accident cars - 8382541824
Created by beernbiccies


accident FAIL gifs news reporter ouch - 3929577984
Created by Unknown

I'm Sorry!

accident anime bikini gifs humpday mammaries - 6588970496
Created by meganeguard ( Via Bull-Heck )

Funny How It's The Simple Things That Bring You Down

accident FAIL fall flip gifs kids ouch win - 6158486016
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

Advertisement For Seat Belts

accident close call FAIL gifs traffic yikes - 6065955584
Created by Unknown

Lucky Dude!

yikes FAIL gifs accident scooter lucky - 7277792256
Created by ToolBee

Hitchhikers Cause Accident

accident cars FAIL first person gifs yikes - 5850718720
Created by Unknown

Not a Drive Thru

FAIL gifs accident cars drive thru - 6842759680
Created by Unknown

Top Fuel Dragster Tries Ballet

accident cars FAIL gifs drag racing mindwarp - 8262858496
Created by f4-wulfhoud

Near-Death Experience

accident cars close call FAIL gifs yikes - 5872030976
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Waiting At The Intersection, Minding My Own Business ...

gifs yikes accident FAIL cars wtf - 6669986304
Created by _C_A_T_

Lights Out

Via Bing

Grandpa Accidentally Shoots Grandson

ouch gifs accident Grandpa - 6983975424
Created by Unknown
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