Memes are basically just hilarious inside-jokes on the internet that are the only source of joy for some people. Without memes, they're lost. So don't be like them, and make sure you always have memes at the ready.

Wow, that went dark fast. Also worth checking out the Funny Memes Tag or the often updated listicle of the funnest funny memes -based on advanced internets.


Now Remember Kids: Memes Before Dreams

Another year has gone, another one is marching along, and life keeps going. No matter what happens around us, its important to find brevity and humor even in times of strife and division. So what could be better than uniting over a common love for memes? Memes are a universal language that can be appreciated and understood by anyone. Whatever we are divided on, we can at least agree that memes are invaluable. So to make sure you have enough to appreciate their importance, here's some more incredible memes to get the new year off to a great start.

The simply best memes to round out the year on a good note and start the next one even better. The cover photo is of a meme supporting the Harold meme for meme of the decade as he is his own cheering section
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