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Standard Space Station Loading Procedures

cool gifs space station Gravity loading - 6993633280
Via Gizmodo

Crying in Space Turns You Into an Anime Character

wtf gifs Gravity tears space crying - 7302178304
By Unknown

Anteaters Exist on a Different Spectrum of Reality

wtf gifs critters Gravity anteater - 7019582976
By Unknown

Gravity Cat Gif

Funny gif of a cat having some gravity issues with the stairs.
By PetePete (Via Cat GIFS)

Space Banana

cool gifs banana Gravity space nom nom nom - 6726155264
By Unknown

Cat Ignores Gravity

wtf gifs Gravity Cats funny - 7463983872
Via Youtube

So This is What 8Gs Does To You

Gravity gifs reactions funny frankie original - 7889200384
By Unknown

Defying Gravity

awesome dancing gifs Gravity win wtf - 5220208640
Via Yakfilms

Zero-G Cocktail

gifs puns limes lol Gravity - 6717198848
By Unknown
John Mayer takes fan's guitar on stage and plays his hit gravity and then signs and tunes the guitar before returning it.

John Mayer Made This Fan's Dream Come True By Playing Their Guitar

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An Effervescent Bubble in Space

Via Senor GIF

Go Home Gravity, You're Drunk

wtf gifs drunk Gravity science - 6920257024
By LightSpawn (Via Youtube)

Big Gulps, Huh?

mindwarp gifs water Gravity funny space - 7652026368
By ani.s4

This Cat Never Understood The Concept of Gravity

wtf gifs mattresses Gravity Cats funny - 7561349632
By anselmbe

What Gravity?

mindwarp gifs Gravity athletics - 8482286336
By ToolBee

Dogs Defy Gravity!

Gravity frisbee funny - 7761010432
By ToolBee
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