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Compiliation of gifs as a Jalopnik vlogger drives the world's cheapest car he imported and bought off of Alibaba the Chinese wholesale giant. The cover gif is of the Jalopnik vlogger challenging his young son to a race while driving the world's cheapest car and loses easily

How Is It To Drive The World's Cheapest Car?

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Lucky Biker!

yikes wtf bikers gifs China close call - 8557620736
Created by ToolBee


awesome babe China clothing fashion gifs humpday - 4534375680
Created by bunwee

Massive Duck Invades China

gifs China ducks cute funny jo38ma3 - 7438859776
Created by Unknown

Fashion is Pain

shoes wtf gifs China - 7946531584
Created by Unknown

Traffic Jam in China

yikes wtf gifs China cars - 8573347072
Created by Unknown

Drunk Chinese Guy Hanging Out on Electrical Wires

yikes wtf FAIL gifs China - 7240997120
Created by Unknown

No Bones!

China gifs gymnastics stunts win wtf - 5813150464
Created by deadmeat1492

I Just Need a Little Fresh Air

China driving FAIL gifs wtf wut - 6335913984
Created by Unknown

This is Why I Give My Dudes Maximum Luck in Fallout

yikes gifs China close call bus - 7185412608
Created by Unknown

Dog Guards Owner's Bike From Being Stolen

awesome bikes China critters dogs gifs win - 6174855168
Created by TSGIGOR

Texting is Danger

China FAIL fall gifs sinkhole terror texting yikes - 6154214400
Created by Unknown

World's Coldest Slide

China cold gifs ice slide win wtf - 5653017856
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Gonna Be Late to School Today

bus China FAIL gifs kids wtf yikes - 6051898368
Created by _C_A_T_


China gifs Meanwhile mindwarp traffic wtf - 4308984320

And I Thought My Commute Was Bad

yikes commute gifs China trains - 7720173056
Created by Unknown
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