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That Moment When Someone Asks You To Smile When You Don't Feel Like It

Awkward dogs gifs smiles - 8240540416
Via Ma Liberte

The Head Rub at The End of This is Going to Be a New Post-Accidental Hump Move For Aeons to Come

Awkward gifs whoops refs sports volleyball - 8197120000
Created by Unknown

Hey Girl, Sup?

Awkward dogs gifs winking wink - 8083184640
Created by Unknown

Unsuccessful Highfive

gifs kids Awkward high five - 8252016640
Via Bing

It's Friday, Time To Dance Awkwardly

Awkward dancing gifs cars jo38ma3 girls - 8560833792
Created by Unknown


arm Awkward celeb doctor who gifs jokes sad but true - 4895946240
Created by OryuKitty

Socially Awkward Bird Uses an Escalator

Awkward bird critters escalator gifs Memes - 5185474048
Via Youtube

A Problem With Live Television

Awkward FAIL gifs news wtf - 8316103936
Via Oh Ma GIF

Don't Be a Chicken, Bro

eagles gifs Awkward - 8279881216
Via Continuants

Awkward Highfives For All, Or Perhaps, None

whoops FAIL high fives gifs Awkward - 7345954048
Created by Unknown

When I Get to a Party

bears Awkward chairs critters Party funny - 7601777408
Created by Unknown

Keep On Telling Yourself That

Awkward FAIL gifs jk sports - 6078731008
Created by Unknown

Nice Try on The Awkward Kiss, Ace

Awkward gifs kisses - 8248748800
Via Bing

Virgin Kiss

Awkward gifs humpday KISS lol love - 5520534272
Created by SSJDAG ( Via )

Penguin’s Having Some Trouble

Awkward critters frustration gifs lol penguin penguins - 6078759168
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

High Heels Are Awkward The First Time You Try Them On

Awkward Cats gifs shoes - 8192852736
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