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When Your Friend Hugs You For Too Long

wwe gifs Awkward hugs wrestling - 8466623488
By tamaleknight

A Problem With Live Television

Awkward FAIL gifs news wtf - 8316103936
Via Oh Ma GIF

Even Thor Has To Deal With Awkward High Fives

gifs Awkward - 8478351360
By Arturik

Almost Success!

almost Awkward FAIL gifs handshake unsuccessful handshake - 6091373824
By Unknown

Hey Girl, Sup?

Awkward dogs gifs winking wink - 8083184640
By Unknown

Awkward Contact, The Game

games gifs Awkward hugs - 7360038144
By Unknown

How I Met Your Father

Awkward hands gifs escalators the best - 8306659328
By Unknown

Virgin Kiss

Awkward gifs humpday KISS lol love - 5520534272

Just Let Me

animation Awkward gifs Spider-Man - 5021252096
By Unknown

Awkward CCTV

mindwarp gifs CCTV Awkward cameras - 8307092480
By anselmbe

When Your Friend Asks For Your Approval on Something You Don't Care About

Awkward gifs thumbs up soccer - 8257560064
By Unknown

Virgin Kiss

Awkward cute gifs humpday KISS - 6599279872
By Unknown


Awkward babe bra door gifs humpday - 4696480000
By Unknown

When I Hang Out With My Friends After Telling Them I Don't Drink

Awkward drinking gifs waynes world - 8343578112
Via Bing

Fighting is a Graceful Act

FAIL gifs Awkward soccer fighting - 8443760128
By Omomomburger

Awkward Highfives For All, Or Perhaps, None

whoops FAIL high fives gifs Awkward - 7345954048
By Unknown
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