Señor GIF

Joker's Transformation

gifs joker mindwarp - 6383567616
Created by Iron-man01

Surfing Pig, Hanging Ten

gifs critters surfing pig - 8090708480
Created by Unknown

Back Up! I'm Eating Here

gifs bananas Slow Loris critters - 8302332416
Created by anselmbe

Kid is Not a Fan of Hot Pepper

gifs kids lol pepper reaction water - 6400046336
Created by Unknown

A New Friendship

dogs birds gifs critters - 8551897088
Created by Unknown

Two Wrongs Make a Right

yikes FAIL crashes gifs cabs bikes - 6877910272
Created by Unknown

How The Hell Do You Do That?

FAIL fall gifs ouch racing - 5419029760
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via )

Did Anyone Get That Recorded?

kick yikes gifs - 6702024192
Via Brown Cardigan

Wave Machine Demonstration

gifs science - 8394014208
Created by Unknown


gifs skateboard Cats - 8567041280
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Cheezburger )

Gaming Glitches

wtf gifs master chief Videogames glitches - 6893999616
Created by Unknown

Lion Misgauges The Door

FAILS lions doors gifs critters funny - 7737280768
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Feet Aren't Supposed to Do That!

FAIL feet gifs ouch yikes - 6061154560
Created by Unknown

A Bicycle Built for Two

bicycle bike critters dogs gifs Sundog - 5240209920
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Epic Headshot, Hermana

animation anime epic explosion gifs guns headshot - 5302138368
Created by virustoxin

Take a Ride in The Sky

yikes skydiving wtf gifs cars funny - 7425303808
Created by ToolBee