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The Sherlockian Solution

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By Unknown

Can't Resist the Urge

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By Unknown

I'll Finish It Eventually

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By bomber43

How Will I Know What Happens to Bieber's Career?!

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By Unknown

Always Something to Watch

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By Unknown

A Few Too Many Times a Few Years Too Late

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By Gathose

I'll Take What I Can Get

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By Unknown

Worse Than Thunder

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By JoeSnake32

Adults and Technology

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By Unknown

Why, YouTube Uploader? Why?

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By Yourfavoritelolcat

Forever a YouTuber

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By Unknown


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By Derp1231234

Why, Youtube? WHY?

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By HadestheKid


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By Unknown

Do They Really Think It's There?

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By TheEliteOne

It Wasn't Even That Funny!

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By gravedigga63
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