Rage Comics


How Do I Physics?

Rage Comics truancy story wtf - 6371731200
Created by Unknown

Chuck Testa Will Get You Killed

Chuck Testa dad Rage Comics wtf - 5390765568
Created by Dopetastic

Is She Calling Me Sparkly?

edward Rage Comics twilight wtf - 4990937600
Created by Unknown

Who the F**k Throws a Penny at Someone's Back?!

wtf i aint even mad pennies - 6772839424
Created by Mr.Sandvich

He's a Genius

wtf years idiots funny - 8475833600
Created by Dylan Martin

Vanilla Tastes Bad

flavor wtf - 6616495104
Created by Unknown

I Look Like a Goth!

hair Jackie Chan Rage Comics relationships women wtf - 5966228992
Created by Unknown

What a Lame Band Name

are you kidding me Music Rage Comics wtf - 6310348544
Created by Weiho

Hope You Weren't Planning to Propose

decisions food Rage Comics wtf Y U NO - 5509226496
Created by Unknown

Irrelevant but Sweet

Rage Comics religion wtf - 6133330432
Created by Unknown

Parents Shouldn't Text

wtf seriously really texting mom parents - 6848046592
Created by MissBec619

Just Use the Toilet

diarrhea funny toilet wtf - 8474268416
Created by Unknown

Father of the Year

parenting Rage Comics true story wtf - 5889156352
Created by letmefallasleep

Toilet Lurker

Rage Comics raisin face wtf - 6248715520
Created by Unknown

Being Sick

sick day work wtf - 6615265536
Created by Unknown

I Should Knock Your Lights Out

dumb Rage Comics school sun wtf - 5152737280
Created by gijs.Gro