Rage Comics


Who the F**k Throws a Penny at Someone's Back?!

wtf i aint even mad pennies - 6772839424
By Mr.Sandvich

Just Waltz Out Into the Sun

famous Italy Rage Comics twilight wtf - 5016153600
By Niallator29

Technologically Impaired Parent

computers dad Rage Comics wtf - 6321204992
By jonvier89 (Via imgur)

I Should Knock Your Lights Out

dumb Rage Comics school sun wtf - 5152737280
By gijs.Gro

Being Sick

sick day work wtf - 6615265536
By Unknown

Double Standards

Rage Comics toilet seat women wtf - 5138606336
By Unknown

Everything From A to Z

Rage Comics raisin face tumblr wtf - 6260768512
By derpina

Dun Wory, I Show Yu

dolan dolan and friends Rage Comics wtf - 6044830464
By Hankeh

I'm Lacking In Parenting Genes

kids mom Rage Comics success wtf - 5536518912
By Unknown

Maybe the Government Hasn't Found Facebook Yet

wtf facebook - 6347725312
By kureon_jeager

Parents Shouldn't Text

wtf seriously really texting mom parents - 6848046592
By MissBec619

She Looked Quite Real

ghost Rage Comics wtf - 5438964224
By tonytaker

No Wonder You're Blueberry

cancer facebook Rage Comics wtf - 5991144960
By WrittenImprov


download Rage Comics speed wtf - 5085075200
By Unknown

Come On Back Soon, Ya Hear?

english Jackie Chan sir Rage Comics vacation wtf - 5663589120
By Rotator

Still Having Nightmares About the Last Round of Furbies...

facebook wtf - 6593113600
By brennagrace
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