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I Like That Old Time Rock 'n' Roll!

Music parenting 80s road trip win - 8436744960
By Unknown


league of legends win relationships phone calls - 7943091200
By Squidkid915

You Both Give Me Carpal Tunnel Too

freedom girlfriend ps3 Rage Comics win - 5273359104
By Unknown

Now I Never Have to Be Alone

all the things never alone Rage Comics rage faces socially awkward penguin win - 5025202432
By Unknown

School WIN!

homework freddie mercury Challenge Accepted true story grade win truancy story - 6895260416
By willy_my_wonka

I Am a Gymnast

Rage Comics stairs trip win - 4990609920
Via youcantstopthederp.tumblr.com

I've Just Nyaned for 14,650 Seconds

Music nyan Nyan Cat Rage Comics win - 4875487232
By Unknown

Once You Go Bareback...

condom Rage Comics sexytimes win - 4895317248

Blast Off

lol pen Rage Comics win - 4969726208
By Unknown

The Only Reason to Date

jar men nails Rage Comics win women - 4945755136
Via I Raff I Ruse

Aw Yeaaaaahh!

video games win - 8414544640
By coolrockstar99

Until We Meet Again, Toaster

Rage Comics scary toast toaster win - 5273551616
By OMGSpork

1337 M3m3z0rs

Rage Comics win - 4770435072
By BigBarpFace

Trollious George and Other Ragehood Classics

Rage Comics rage faces win - 4973656576
By Unknown

Let Him See Roos

kangaroos mom Rage Comics troll win zoo - 4995298816
Via registeredtrademark.tumblr.com

Wearing Your Air Jordans Today?

Rage Comics trash win - 4926677248
By Luxor3228
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