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Console Gamers Are Never Happy

PlayStation 4 video games funny xbox one - 7487954432
Created by Unknown

You Would Have Been a Sore Loser Anyway

i lied poker face Rage Comics siblings video games - 4973679872
Created by Unknown

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

lol sonic video games - 5663798528
Created by Unknown

Can't a Girl Buy a Game in Peace?

call of duty black ops 2 video games girl gamers - 7374644480
Created by Unknown

Animal Crossing RAGE

fire priorities video games - 8566762496
Created by Defend_Pop_Punk

It Was Still a Fun St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day video games - 8111394816
Created by tentoes2

The Console War

console wars PC PlayStation 4 sir video games xbox 360 ps3 xbox one - 7783744768
Created by Nanorith

No Escape From Reality

Rage Comics remote video games - 4886553600
Created by Unknown

You Will Regret This!

Memes video games poker face SimCity - 7894511360
Created by Unknown

I'll Just Lean Out for a Second

Close Enough Rage Comics video games - 6303522048
Created by Unknown

Toilet WIN

earbuds toilet video games headphones - 6905732096
Created by Unknown

What About Nintendo?

console wars PlayStation 4 video games i know that feel bro nintendo xbox one - 7598677504
Created by RedWingedBlackbird

It Was So Much Simpler in the '90s!

90s video games - 7667194112
Created by Josh_Le_Rager

The Most Important Work, at Home

Pokémon ps3 Rage Comics video games - 5398039808
Created by Robotzombie13


Flower lawn Rage Comics video games zombie - 4722181376
Created by waffle569

Alone on Your Birthday

birthday forever alone video games - 6590264576
Created by Unknown