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A Hot Slice of Ruined Childhood

fnaf video games five nights at freddy's - 8438241792
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Toilet WIN

earbuds toilet video games headphones - 6905732096

Up on the Roof

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Steam Controller RAGE!

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I Should've Bought Barbie's Dream House Adventure

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The Moment I Realized I've Failed as a Father

facepalm video games parenting - 8235617024

Everything is Going Right For Me Today...

school snow day video games - 8453222144

The Vacation Destination for Me

Rage Comics Skyrim video games - 5658085376
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Time, You Scary Sometimes (No Pun Intended)

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I Will Stab You and Loot Your Body

homework mothers Rage Comics Skyrim video games - 5468078592

A Tragic Truth About Online Games

Okay video games parenting nostalgia - 7991935232

I Should Take a "Sick" Day Too

school sick day video games - 8376752896
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SimCity facepalm video games - 7683644416

Why Wouldn't It Be His Legend?

legend of zelda picard facepalm Rage Comics video games - 6235870976

This Will Really Get You Pumped!

Rage Comics raisin face table flip video games videos - 5999667968