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Valentines day

Ladies Love a Popular Guy

forever alone Rage Comics Valentines day - 5783693056
By Unknown

One of the More Soulcrushing Experiences

forever alone so close relationships girlfriend dating Valentines day - 6572602624
By Zeekay980

You'll Always Have Mom

best of week forever alone mom Rage Comics Valentines day - 5834662912
By missmonicaellen

Valentine's Day is the Same Every Single Year...

forever alone relationships dating Valentines day - 7050620672
By ThatOneChick01

My Funny Valentine

best of week forever alone picard facepalm Rage Comics Valentines day - 5774023680
By Unknown

Wait Until You See the Chocolates

Flower pfftch Rage Comics Valentines day - 5676216320
By Unknown

Flower Trolling

rage trollface expectation vs. reality flowers Valentines day - 8062327040
By death_by_rage

You Don't NEED a Bigger Box

chocolate Rage Comics raisin rage Valentines day - 5797381120
By natapus123

I Cannot Brain!

hot girl relationships dating Valentines day - 7055801344
By Unknown
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