Rage Comics


Happens More Often Than I Thought

freddie mercury so close urinal bathroom peeing - 6878071808
Created by MCCheney

I Do This Every Time

freddie mercury so close urinal peeing - 7035065344
Created by Loki52.7

First Time Embarassment

urinal bathroom oh god why toilet - 7461409024
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Da Faq?

public bathroom urinal poker face sweet jesus funny - 6157782016
Created by Damnit98

Awesome Urinal Story

me gusta urinal peetimes - 6910221568
Created by Kanrabat

I Always Pee Like Somebody's Watching Me

camera peetimes Rage Comics urinal - 6295439360
Created by Unknown

The Ugly Truth

NSA urinal poker face prism sweet jesus - 7563329280
Created by Unknown

Some People, Man...

urinal poker face bathroom - 8448961280
Created by gravedigga63

Choose Your Words Wisely

urinal work coworkers at work bathroom Office - 6940626944
Created by Unknown

The Unspoken Law

peetimes Rage Comics rules urinal - 5236609280
Created by Reaper509

Aim High!

Close Enough peetimes Rage Comics urinal - 6345176832
Created by Unknown

Bathroom Rage

peetimes urinal numb - 6683356672
Created by natethegreat163264


urinal restaurant bathroom Scumbag Steve karma - 6940884480
Created by Shannara13