Rage Comics

true story

Get Back in There!

what have I done toilet paper true story - 6666568448
Created by thegerrit

Cheaper Batteries

aw yeah batteries Okay true story - 6601710848

Caught Yellow Handed

kids parenting peetimes true story - 6562949376

It's Still Fun!

me gusta sweet jesus true story puddles - 6922815744

Must I pay you for everything?

Challenge Accepted true story chores mom challenge considered - 6525594880

I Can't Stay Awake

drugs Rage Comics true story - 5774659328
Created by Specialk97

It Was Revenge for Nam, Right?

genius Rage Comics true story - 5991997952
Created by PFC-Rico

Forever a Bad Pickup Line

forever alone true story girl - 6856152576

I Was a Stupid Kid...

cereal lucky charms true story - 6608049920
Created by Moosemaster1

Damn you X-Files Theme

scary numb computer soon pwning noobz x files true story slenderman - 6665910784

What, Do They Think They're on the Discovery Channel or Something?

Cats poker face Rage Comics sexytimes true story - 6400977664

My Family Connection

therapist talking true story family - 8563525632

Why Is He Even Here?

true story truancy story - 6875137024
Created by Sorrowscythe

Change... of Plans

change grandma pizza Rage Comics tip true story - 4791486720
Created by reid117

He Was Still Confused...

candy facepalm true story - 6950058752

Oh How Silly of Me

phone Rage Comics true story you dont say - 6061330688
Created by marselXD
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