Rage Comics

true story

I'm a Bit Slow

im an idiot true story - 7096789248
By Unknown

Just a Joke

school me gusta teachers poker face true story Okay - 7800607744
By Unknown

No, I Never Deny Them!

farts relationships true story - 6576367360
By lordofterror

Lawn Mowing...

weather true story lawnmower mom - 8559266048
By CrazyCodeC

Truly Hot Sauce

derp hot sauce Rage Comics restaurant true story - 6155541504
By Unknown

Oh How Silly of Me

phone Rage Comics true story you dont say - 6061330688
By marselXD

At Least It Was Warm

peetimes Rage Comics shower true story - 5618739200
By Unknown

The Emotions of Summer

summer me gusta true story computer guy - 7710884096
By Unknown


Y U NO youtube buffering true story loading - 7004470528
By Unknown

I've Never Heard That One Before!

jokes Rage Comics truancy story true story - 5834612224
By Unknown

They Were Like 70!

Pokémon true story bulbasaur grandparents - 6942830336
By Importer

If You Touch the Screen, You Can Really Feel It!

Rage Comics true story - 5327378944

I Forsee Many Happy Birthdays In Your Future

birthday math Rage Comics true story - 5765125120
By Glen_B

Father of the Year

parenting Rage Comics true story wtf - 5889156352
By letmefallasleep

Count Von Waitress

Rage Comics raisin horror true story waitress work - 6479356672
By Unknown

Door Rage

door scary rage wind windows true story contest loud slam - 8540778496
By DissolveTheKitten
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