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We Women Call This Being Fashionably Late, Derp

fu guy late mom Rage Comics true story - 5874744576
By superotter24

Ecuador is Doomed!

herp derp true story science truancy story - 6866419456
By doctorwhooves21 (Via Rage Comix)

Pets are More Important Than People

movies pets Rage Comics true story - 6185416704
By Unknown

I'm Doomed

god hell Rage Comics test true story - 5177719296
By mementorage

But The Other Ones Were So Good

me gusta Movie what have you done true story dad twilight - 6856198144
By BluRayontheVHS

Sequel to a True Story

Rage Comics true story - 6407854080
By bananaworld

Between A Rock And A "Hand" Place

falling Challenge Accepted true story - 8579331840
By Unknown

Going Commando

true story lol oh god why derp underwear - 6729668864
By barry50000

It's a lie!

true story ice cream - 8540279552
By Unknown

Years Later, She Still Hasn't Lived It Down

true story siblings definition - 6186277632
By mamaguess

Door Rage

door scary rage wind windows true story contest loud slam - 8540778496
By DissolveTheKitten


book Rage Comics true story - 5618756608
By Unknown

They've Been In My Family for Generations

jeans are you kidding me herp derp true story family - 6823544064
By Trollahkiin

Resourceful Student

homework school true story - 7956802560
By RobensonCaetanoDaSilva

Why Am I so Slow on my Feet?

forever alone determined poker face rejection relationships true story Party derp - 6820323072
By twinklebot12

I Nearly Failed Math

commercial math Rage Comics soon computer time true story wtf - 5103441152
By coreythebuckeye
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