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They Won't Ask Me to Share Anymore...

gum sharing trolling - 8412142336
By Unknown

Troll Drunkard

beer drunk determined trolling i lied - 6540020736
By Unknown

Stupid Trolls!

trolling sleeping - 8453050880
By Unknown

Report Card Trolling

rage face trolling grades Okay FUUUUU truancy story - 6877606912
By TedTheViking

Also, The Game

the game youtube trolling youtube comments breathing - 7553156864
By Unknown

Ashes to Ashes

customer service trolling - 7953026304
By Unknown

What problem?

trollface trolling problem - 6592350464

Divorce fail

trolling divorce - 8555927552
By Bear_Artic

What Are Friends For?

trolling no life - 7069535744
By Unknown

Pokéflute RAGE!

Pokémon trolling - 6542542848
By swibluk

You Devious Bastard

me gusta trolling coca cola - 7050830848
By Kitten02

Aggressive Slow Drivers

are you kidding me trolling driving - 7785054720
By SofaKingBoss

Flushing the Toilet During a Shower

rage expectations vs reality trolling shower toilet prank - 8570599680
By Unknown

How to Troll Photons

trolling science - 8376929280
By Unknown

Trolling Kids is Harder These Days

trolling watermelon google - 7734921984
By Unknown


trolling poker face customer ladies - 8462616576
By Unknown