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Dat Rain Tho

trolldad mowing the lawn chores rain - 8244912640
By ragecomics389


computers trolldad parents - 6537793536
By Unknown

First World Problems Level: Chinese Food

trolldad chinese food First World Problems dinner takeout - 6537627648
By Unknown

Trolled and Re-Trolled

jokes trolldad - 7971184640
By Unknown

I Didn't Really Like Watermelons Anyways...

trolldad watermelon - 8281960960
By ariel11563

Dad Puns

trolldad puns dad - 8562572288
By Kittehlolzrfun

Trolldad Strikes Again

baby sleep parenting trollface trolldad - 8136587008
By Unknown

I See What You Did There, Dad

trolldad growing up lol - 8044980736
By Led_Lawless

Tell Me This Never Happened to You...

rage remote trolldad dad - 8268901120
By Unknown

Air is Not Free!

life trolldad - 7963977984
By SeanSpears29

A Lovely Father-Son Outing...

quality time chores rage trolldad - 8296877312
By PersonMcFace

My Trolldad Experience

numb pooptimes trolldad - 6533755648
By Graybear

Nice Christmas Present

gifts parenting trolldad - 6559023616
By Unknown

I Wasn't a Smart Boy

memory kids trolldad phone - 8416787456
By Malanore

I'll Be Watching You...

Music NSA trolldad - 8213944576
By omgoshacreeper

I Can't Be the Only One...

dad rage trolldad - 8332293376
By Unknown