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I Swear, it Was Broken a Minute Ago!

Awkward broken door train - 6529883648
By Unknown

Can You See the Fear on My Face?

everything went better than expected fu guy Rage Comics ticket train - 5963420416
By Unknown

Pranks Wars

prank train - 8319302656
By death_by_rage

I Totally Wasn't on the Train

you dont say public transit train funny - 7492736768
By Borgia

I Ran for This?!

challenge completed late Rage Comics train - 5134193664
By Unknown

Urine Trouble Now

Awkward peetimes Rage Comics train - 5277210368
By Unknown

Different Views of Reality

train engineer - 6975120640
By Unknown

Can't Tell if Delight or Disgust

butts not sure if gusta Rage Comics train - 6287856128
By igorbboy

Sorry, Pregnant Lady...

strangers Awkward conversation stains coffee pregnant train funny - 7488403712
By femkevandrooge


me gusta Rage Comics stairs train - 5943924224
By Unknown

The Train Across the Ocean

facepalm geography mom train - 8320045056
By Tman10061