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Here to take a dump? Toilet jokes, memes ,and everything in between will provide you with hours of mirth while you snicker behind your hand. So whether your humor is already as dirty as the flush handle, or you're looking to expand outwards, this hilarious toilet humor will have you chuckling in no time.

Sneeze-Poop, Do Not Want

achoo do not want poop Rage Comics sneeze toilet - 4780417024
Created by pathfinder16

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Smelly

forever alone revenge camp toilet - 8441851136
Created by snavej

Turd Rage

this is how i die poop Challenge Accepted bathroom toilet pooping - 6689066240
Created by Unknown

Sometimes You Got to Go

bathroom computer Rage Comics run toilet - 6166088192
Created by Unknown

My Mom Would Always Wonder Why the Toilet Paper Disappeared So Fast...

bathroom kids lol toilet toilet paper - 8136570624
Created by Derp1231234

I Don't Want to Live In this Office Anymore

gross okay face Rage Comics toilet - 5178349824
Created by abeigor

trolling with portals

trollface trolling bathroom toilet Portal - 7559332096
Created by codeslicer

First Time Embarassment

urinal bathroom oh god why toilet - 7461409024
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Cleaning With Kids

cleaning kids bathroom toilet - 7153086976
Created by kingtaran

Call of Doody

Challenge Accepted pee stain bathroom toilet piss - 6994719488
Created by GreenReaper09

Dat Feel

sweet jesus toilet - 8164678912
Created by death_by_rage

2 Pees, 1 Trip

pinterest bathroom toilet peeing - 7781536768
Created by Unknown

It Was the Turd Burglars

pooptimes Rage Comics toilet warm - 5276923648
Created by Unknown

Close Call

poop bathroom toilet - 8396283648
Created by Unknown

Toilet: 1, Legs: 0

so close Challenge Accepted toilet legs - 7782513920
Created by dezertheart


bathroom toilet peeing - 6597494528
Created by mrgjman
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