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By SmellyUnicorn

Now You're Cooking with Portals

cooking Rage Comics toast - 4750812416
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The World's Scariest Game and Snack

scary movies toast - 6759077632
By Derp_Mcherpson

Oh Lordy, How I've Been Denied!

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By Unknown

Cheers to That

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The Princess and the Toast

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Until We Meet Again, Toaster

Rage Comics scary toast toaster win - 5273551616
By OMGSpork

Call Me Toastradamus

Like a Boss not bad herpderp toast Okay - 6992314368
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Exercise: Check

waiting what have you done toast - 6697442304
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The Most Startling Sound in the World

toast startled toaster - 7147270656
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Better Burnt Than Sorry

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They Said it Couldn't Be Done!

butter lick toast eating - 8447468800
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First No Milk, Now No Butter?

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f7u12 toast - 6902319104
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