Rage Comics


If You Could Change Your Fate, Would You?

poker face test Okay truancy story - 6721362688
Created by Unknown

I Thought They Were a Fruit?

Rage Comics raisin rage test truancy story - 5980897792
Created by Unknown

Indecision, Y U Ruin Me?

Rage Comics test - 5231013120
Created by lolsallround

Assassin is My Favorite Word

test that sounds naughty spelling truancy story - 6718490368
Created by Unknown

English Exams Are Stressful

rage school english test writing exams - 8384000768
Created by Unknown

No Math Necessary!

math Rage Comics Terrible Teacher test - 5322374144
Created by Sensualeyes

The Test Reactions

studying school test reaction - 8294233856
Created by tentoes2

The Right Attitude

attitude gay mature Rage Comics test - 4767718656
Created by Unknown

Economic Crisis in the Classroom

dumb Rage Comics test - 5395415040
Created by Hinaichigo

She Said it Still Counted

school grades test mom - 8390437120
Created by LowTech

I Put My Hands Up

Rage Comics test truancy story watch out guys - 5773164544
Created by Unknown

Playing Favorites, Hmm?

school teacher test Okay - 8272214784
Created by Unknown

How Am I Supposed to Pass?

cheating Rage Comics school teacher test you dont say - 6162227200
Created by Unknown

The Letter Choice of Death

are you kidding me multiple choice test truancy story - 6720707072
Created by Unknown

Only 100 Questions to Re-Do

multiple choice Rage Comics test - 5423668992
Created by Unknown

Worst. Feeling.

numb test truancy story - 6657422848
Created by FAKEnGAY
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