Rage Comics


Trolling Level: Science Teacher

science teachers trolling - 7951304960
Created by crowdstunna

Too Much Badassery for Me

class school tests teachers funny exams truancy story - 7510708736
Created by UlisesIkaikaKeetOrcinus26

Teachers These Days...

so close me gusta teachers truancy story - 6345904128
Created by Volknerbruno

He's On To You

Rage Comics teachers test truancy story - 5522143488
Created by Gabespider

...Yeah, It's Totally 600...

math teachers - 7962782976
Created by wobbuffet52

Problem, Parents?

school teachers parents truancy story - 7863510528
Via SecretWalrus

She Did WHAT?

sex school teachers truancy story - 7824445696
Created by Unknown

Let's Play!

kids teachers oh god why - 7916622848
Created by Squidkid915

My Body Doesn't Work Like That!

bathroom teachers - 8006060288
Created by Yourfavoritelolcat

And You Say I'm the Slacker?

school teachers herpderp - 7793632256
Created by Unknown

Why Me?

homework are you kidding me school teachers Okay truancy story - 7782497792
Created by Unknown

Go Away, Please?

teachers - 7938610432
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

LeVar Burton Would be Proud

school reading teachers true story books - 8464673536
Created by PsychicBillies

I Can Answer this Problem, Just Stop Making Another!

school teachers math truancy story - 7796406016
Created by Megamean09

Always Come Prepared

gum trollface teachers - 7957101312
Created by Unknown

A Close Call

homework trollface teachers vacation - 7973928704
Created by GoldenBoy999
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