Rage Comics


One Bad Apple... or Many of Them

Y U NO school f yeah true story teacher test late notes - 6781714944
Created by JakBed96

It Really Does Suck Though

school swearing teacher truancy story - 6669828608
Created by Unknown

First day

school teacher - 8546292736
Created by j3rsdm5

I Only Remember How to Write My Name

liar Rage Comics teacher troll - 4918115584
Created by kitkat99

I've Never Wanted to See Granny Panties More

mother of god Rage Comics teacher truancy story - 5908213504
Created by Unknown

It Ain't Easy for All of Us!

homework school teacher funny truancy story - 7515748096
Created by Skull1818

Sleep, I've Never Heard of It

homework school teacher sleep - 8319488256
Created by tentoes2

Not Fair

school teacher bad poker face truancy story - 7602647808
Created by Minetuber07


grades FAIL fudge no school teacher tests - 8100335360
Created by KingKool720

I Thought You Knew!

homework classroom teacher - 6837582592
Created by Unknown

Nice Teacher, Huh?

school teacher truancy story - 7568591360
Created by Finn_The_Human567

Every Single Time

school teacher - 8124937472
Created by EatingPizza

Teacher RAGE!

you dont say teacher rcc - 8550062080
Created by PineappleBlend

Teachers have lives?

class school life teacher - 6525131520
Created by Unknown

I Might Just Stay Out Here a While

bathroom i lied Rage Comics teacher water - 5028416256
Created by Unknown

Kiss Our Friendship Goodbye

math melvin Rage Comics teacher - 5103444992
Created by NotoriousRaven.402
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