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Has this only happened to me?

shopping talking mom - 8564136448
By lolsniper1000

It Wasn't Even Funny

Rage Comics talking - 5422463232
By clara22

No, the World Does NOT Revolve Around You

derp girls gossip Rage Comics talking - 5012486144

You Waited Until NOW?

rage Music earbuds talking driving dad - 8377488384
By Unknown

Real Smooth...

talking language books library - 8377231616
By Unknown

I Want ALL of Your Attention

mad Rage Comics talking women wtf - 5011944192
By Unknown

We've all had that one student in our class

class Staring facepalm talking poker face - 8572588288
By clockwise12

Yeah, Totally

bad poker face conversations Rage Comics talking - 6095134464
By Unknown

I'm Sorry, What?

bad poker face Rage Comics socially awkward penguin talking - 5356151296
By Unknown

I'd Do the Same Thing

kid push Rage Comics Subway talking worth it - 4728899328
Via moltres.tumblr.com

This Always Happens In Class... ALWAYS

class talking teacher recess - 8559494656
By PukekoKiwi

We Should Never Have Married

Rage Comics relationships talking women - 5189032960
By amnot_

Classic: Summer's Been Full of Your Drill

cleaning dentist Rage Comics raisin face talking teeth - 5013404416
By cheesetofu

Cellular Teleportation Device

phone Rage Comics talking - 5684725248
By Unknown

You're Not Very Talkative, Are You?

Music Rage Comics raisin rage talking - 5934242816
By TheEnemyTeam

Always With the Talking

fu guy girlfriend Rage Comics relationships talking - 5005756160
By Unknown
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