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Have You Ever Done This Before?

microwave friends stupid - 8133781248
By Unknown

It's Like Limited Edition Dr. Pepper

girls Music Rage Comics stupid the Beatles - 6305297664
By Unknown

They Didn't When You Said Them

are you kidding me Rage Comics stupid - 6083614464
By jolo67

Next, Gravity Accelerated Food Spooning

class are you kidding me school herp derp face palm sweet jesus stupid - 6766266112
By Unknown

I Suck at Science

what have you done success grade lol science stupid - 6828855808
By Unknown

Why Don't More People Do This? Oh, Yeah...

countdown computer soon gasp youtube 666 stupid - 6847821312
By 10Wolf2Dog

Do You Want to Pay More?

cashier customer Rage Comics stupid - 6125681920
Via snickles19

Only I Can Insult My Baby

dogs gtfo insult Rage Comics stupid - 4892648704
By Unknown

Can't Tell If Trolling or Dropped Out of First Grade

countries girl Rage Comics stupid - 4878447104
By Unknown

Let's Ask Them for Lottery Numbers!

blonde Rage Comics stupid - 6320434688
By nickinoodles

Google Stupidly Defined This...

google stupid you dont say - 7900652032
By Squidkid915

The Stupid Hurts

world war 2 stupid - 7147803648
By Larfleeze

Watch a Documentary!

history Movie Rage Comics stupid titanic wtf - 6128841216
Via SillyPickle