Rage Comics


When Parents Do This

radio singing song fireworks no derp parents - 6755212288
By Unknown

You Really Put Your Heart and Soul Into That

bad poker face best of week one does not simply Rage Comics singing - 5917098752
By Unknown

Music to My Ears

rage singing - 8298020608
By Unknown

Fine Mr. Troll, You're Singing Next!

marriage singing wedding - 7353860608
Via probokator

For...Wherever Could That Laptop Be?

poker face queen Rage Comics singing so close - 5701230592
By NachoFox

We All Do It

singing - 7934971392
By Unknown

Will Not Sing, Will Not Sing...

disney singing mulan - 8373882368
By Unknown

Me Mensta

singing me gusta TV Theme Song - 8431554048
By RealPoketendoNL


disney singing - 7410740480
By Unknown

Singing Happy Birthday...

birthday cake singing - 8345472768
By Bobby_Joe

How I Think I Can Sing...

singing expectations vs reality - 6755130368
By NotThisTime

Not Another Musical Number!

Movie Rage Comics singing sweet jesus have mercy - 5912705280
By Jjuliaa

I Was... Just Singing Along?

dat ass ipod Rage Comics singing - 4733278720
By trex65mil

Now You Can Walk a Thousand Miles... On the Sidewalk!

radio singing gollum funny - 7544392960
By LaCucarachaBob

Should've Just Told Her to Turn Down the Volume...

rage singing let it go sister loud headphones - 8414416384
By Blackweed56

On Second Thought, You Should Probably Get a Wheelbarrow

Rage Comics singing troll dad - 6235438336
By Unknown
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