Rage Comics


What a Pleasant Day

sick day flu pr0n sick truancy story - 6575863040
By Mr.WearsMaskAlot

Blah Blah WebMD, Yeah Yeah Yeah...

webmd cold sick computer guy - 7585248000
By BenGarth

But My Tummy Hurts

expectations Rage Comics reality sick - 5327192576
By Unknown

Troll Stomach

flu sick sweet jesus - 8325202944
By Shroom2001

Working From Home All Winter

Rage Comics sick weather winter work - 5321860864
By stebbistebb

Scumbag DayQuil

medicine flu fever sick - 7167879168
By cormca

Puke Face

wig fail sick - 8538542080
By Unknown

Where Snot Comes From

rage trollface snot sick - 8072575744
By death_by_rage

Moms and Sickness

mom sick - 8176394496
By Unknown

A Great Way to Start Off Winter Break

Y U NO school strep throat sick vacation - 8407160832
By ariel11563

Oh, Now I'M the Loud One?

flu sick sneezing truancy story - 7111840000
By Unknown

Perception Deception

flu poker face sick runny nose - 7029897728

You Can't Hide From the Librarian

work library sick librarian - 8452681472
By beckysharp52

Web MD Is Always Right

kids sick funny - 8477252352
By Unknown

Now You're Going to Get ME Sick!

flu germs herpderp sick - 7816918784
By Incomplete_data

It's Almost Like I Went Through Puberty

Rage Comics sick - 4945478400
By Biggglesworth
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