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Wymmen Logic

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By Unknown

Distorted Reality

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By Unknown

And I Was Only Under for Like Two Hours!

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By Unknown

Am I the Only One?

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By Yourfavoritelolcat

Did I Say Something Wrong or What?

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By Futuristics

Am I the Only One That Does This?

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By Unknown

Keep the Derps

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By Stevenasaurus

I'll Be Good, I Promise!

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Via aradicalpanda

Consider Me the New Talent

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By Unknown

Why Do They Even Make These?!?

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By Smartybrat

I Heart Chocolate

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By Unknown

I Lied!

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By Derp1231234

It's Never a Quick Trip to Target

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By nyxnite

She's Particular About These Kinds of Things

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By AccioJacob

To Repent, Please Learn Checkout Etiquette

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By supalannaa

I've Got It...

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By MeHmE1