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To Avoid Burns, Use Short Even Strokes

comics entertainment ouch beard shaving - 8347635968
By Unknown

No Wonder It's So Hard to Get One

clothes girls Rage Comics shaving - 5352244480
By Bixente2505


beard shaving stubble funny - 7525350144
By Unknown

The Only Reason for Haircuts

razor haircut shaving - 7132960768
By Unknown

Until You Find You Missed One

beard me gusta Rage Comics raisin face shaving - 4960757504
Via I Raff I Ruse


hair haircut shaving - 7007626752
By fgeitas

Too Bad You Can't Grow a Real Beard

beard forever alone Rage Comics shaving - 4962834176
By Unknown

Dem Shaving Feels

sweet jesus shaving funny - 7442589952
By lordmonocormicornXladyrainicorn

Le Cut, Le Drown In Own Blood

bath FAIL Rage Comics shaving - 4798930432
By Unknown

True Story (Unfortunately)

Pokémon beard nothing to do here shaving mom parents - 7164358656
By Unknown

Must... Destroy... Razor

Rage Comics razor shaving troll - 4793076224
By Unknown

Real Life Scumbags

scumbag razor shaving - 7041905408
By Zer0Parallax

Pfft, It Wasn't Even That Sharp

fear me gusta Rage Comics shaving yao ming - 5598000896
By YaMumIsGay

I'm Hideous!

work Awkward shaving - 6491505920
By beastloader

Smooth as a Baby's Bottom

age beard poker face Rage Comics shaving - 4997694976
By Unknown

Who Will See?

forever alone shower shaving - 7535994112
By wolfgirlmusic
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