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You Sure They're Not a Blonde?

hair nothing to do here racism Rage Comics seriously wtf - 6040525568
Created by Unknown


school table flip quiz dafuq seriously - 6815856128
Created by Unknown

There Are No Dumb Questions Just Inquisitive Idiots

herp derp work legos seriously stupid people dumb questions - 6829218560
Created by Drakmanka


forever alone meta Rage Comics seriously - 5174611712
Created by AerieC

Parents Shouldn't Text

wtf seriously really texting mom parents - 6848046592
Created by MissBec619

This is Not as Much Fun as Others Would Have You Believe

seriously playgrounds - 7870798080
Created by Unknown

Are You Telling Me This Isn't a Comedy?

Sad seriously oh god why - 6688479488
Created by Unknown


wtf seriously genius - 6799070720
Created by Unknown

That Problem Has Been Squared Away

metal seriously truancy story - 6667089664
Created by snapshot5

Seriously Hair?

hair oh god why seriously - 6669841920
Created by TheFatUnicorn

Is That Where Mom Sends Money?

chex college idiot Rage Comics seriously true story wtf - 5099117056
Created by Unknown

I Shouldn't Laugh, I've Done This Too

poker face girlfriends seriously lol why - 6789234176
Created by Namazu13

Well, I'm Not Using THAT Account...

username seriously - 8050631680
Created by Unknown

Snow Days...

school seriously sleep mom snow days parents - 6865117696
Created by Unknown

Back in My Day

snow seriously grandparents - 7891978240
Created by death_by_rage

He's Got Moves Like Jagger

boyfriend Rage Comics seriously - 5419691520
Created by Unknown
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