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screw that

It's Just Too Delicious!

screw that diet mountain dew - 7765546240
Via Covert666

The Sad, Sad Story of My College Diet

screw that determined cookies - 7799600128
Created by Unknown

Pfft. I'm Tired NOW!

screw that dryer sleeping - 7078419456
Created by soooulpower

Who Comes Up With These Sizes?

screw that serving size cereal - 7549029120
Created by Unknown

Tea: Ruined

screw that sugar tea - 7162772224
Created by Bengee81234

It's Practically Candy

screw that aww yeah vitamins - 7830742016
Created by Mitchehh

6 to 8. Yeah Right!

screw that pizza rolls serving size - 7813262848
Created by Unknown

Sends Shivers Up My Spine

screw that eww - 7812705792
Created by kittehcatlover

One Does Not Simply "Follow the Box Directions"

screw that cooking microwaves - 7740969984
Created by edropus

Troll Dog Strikes Again

screw that dogs shoop da woop - 7690784256
Created by MELODlE

In Your Dreams, Losers!

screw that - 7691627008
Created by Unknown