Rage Comics


Try to Look Brave, Try to Look Brave!

girlfriends scared pranks startled computer guy - 7753916416
By Unknown

Oh Brain, You Do This Every Time

scumbag brain scared brain sleeping - 7566215936
By Unknown

A Guy's Greatest Fear

fap parents Rage Comics scared - 6166167552
By Unknown

Never Alone

cat numb this is how i die bed lights scared - 6855750912
By Midnight_neko

I'm Not Afraid Anymore!

fear gtfo night Rage Comics scared shadowlurker - 5042479616
By xEmoSunshine14x

Lock ALL the Doors

all the things Home Alone Rage Comics scared - 5234647040
By Unknown

Windows at Night Are 10 Times Scarier

windows scared night - 7315512320

He Knows!

numb kid poker face scared slenderman - 6855353600
By Unknown

Times Have Sure Changed

scared selfie funny - 8480958208
By Unknown

I'm Such a Pretender...

girlfriends scared startled computer guy - 7846932736
By Unknown

Too Many Horror Movies

couch hands Rage Comics scared scary - 4962271232
By SpacySquirrel