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rick roll

Radio DJs are Trolls

radio Rage Comics rick roll troll - 6326714624
Created by Godwin1066

Rick Rolling in the Sheets

mother of god poetry Rage Comics rick roll sexytimes spiderpman - 6018250752

She Better Still Be Under Warranty

FAIL girlfriend Rage Comics rick roll - 5296542464

Internet, Y U No In Real Life?

internet Memes Rage Comics real life rick roll - 4822960128

Stuck In Your Head Too, Isn't It?

lol Rage Comics rick roll troll - 6124902400

Never Gonna Give This Up

burn CD lol Rage Comics rick roll - 4976965888

Best Day At Work Ever

radio rick roll work - 6545556736
Created by 632Lith

Just Dance Troll

rick roll what have you done video games - 6657901568
Created by alund14