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The Customer is Always Right

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By Jimber

Working as a Clerk During the Holidays...

customer service board games retail monopoly pandemic - 7971656960
By Unknown

You've Got to Be Freakin' Kidding Me

jeans retail customers i lied - 7219536896
By Unknown

The Customer is Always Derpy

customer service customers lego retail - 8220690176
By Drakmanka

My Stacks!

table flip retail clothes shirts you what have you done - 6855291136
By cstuck19

Store Madness

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By erectorious

December 26th at Derp-Mart

shopping retail - 8412323584
By squarepants77

Yeah, We Really Should Try That

customer service PlayStation 4 signs retail - 7917650944
By Unknown

Why bother!

you what have you done Challenge Accepted retail - 7596195840
By Zaiakai

Why Do I Always Get THESE Customers?

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By Unknown