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When You Think About, The Force IS "Remote Control"

star wars the force poker face Okay funny remote control - 7466211840
By Unknown

Not Even Remotely Funny

tv shows remote control - 7164973312
By Unknown

It Was Here the Whole Time!

watching TV lazy TV laziness funny remote control - 7466071808
Via Bl4ckened


forever alone hands remote control - 8242085632
By tallguy2014

Use the Force, Luke, You Lazy Bastard

star wars remote control - 7241740032
By Unknown

Who Needs a Remote?

aint-nobody-got-time-for-that remote control - 7139380480
By MsBellaFemme

I Sometimes Imagine It Giggling at My Plight

alarm clock TV remote control - 7381429248
By Unknown

How I Died

apocalypse meme zombie Okay remote control computer guy - 8112324608
By scampster401

49, 51, 49, 51, 49, 52, 49...

volume ocd remote control - 7346029824
By Unknown