Rage Comics


Please Don't Die On Me, Controller

batteries Rage Comics remote wtf xbox - 5545865472
Created by Ujellybroski

Ah'm About tah Mash Your Face

customer support dumb Rage Comics remote - 5571484928
Created by colorblindrainbow

Every damn time

remote blankets every time poker face omg - 6828938752
Created by Rasaphane

Me and the remote

remote watching TV - 6563386880
Created by Cyclops65

Tell Me This Never Happened to You...

rage remote trolldad dad - 8268901120
Created by Unknown

Not Even Remotely Close

remote watching TV apple - 6871086848
Created by Moustachio268

Classic: Must Troll TV

buttons FAIL Rage Comics remote - 5235048704
Created by wet_meme

That Feel

battery me gusta Rage Comics remote - 6181360896
Created by Unknown

No Escape From Reality

Rage Comics remote video games - 4886553600
Created by Unknown