Rage Comics


At Least I Didn't Lie

expectations forever alone Rage Comics reality Sad - 5098472192
Created by Unknown

Paying For an App...

apps reality - 8040063488
Created by leekspinerz

College Rules

college expectations girls hot Rage Comics reality - 5092174336
Created by Unknown

But My Tummy Hurts

expectations Rage Comics reality sick - 5327192576
Created by Unknown

Everything Looks Good in the Movies

movies reality - 6664477696
Created by Viper-commander

It Went So Smoothly in My Mind!

sexytimes me gusta girlfriend cuddling reality - 6973382144
Created by GreenReaper09

Why I Love Break-Ups

break up Rage Comics reality relationships Sad - 6181378816
Created by Unknown

Could Be Worse

dreams graduation Rage Comics reality Sad - 5064643584
Created by Unknown

Your Expectations Were Too Damn High

expectations not bad Rage Comics reality - 5435420928
Created by Unknown

Operation: Unphotogenic

expectations reality selfie - 8503585536
Created by PeaceLoveBeatles

Pillow Fights

reality - 7815153152
Created by Unknown

Even Samara Looks Better

expectations pool reality the ring - 5081682688
Created by Messed.Up.Weirdo

Distorted Reality

mall mirror shopping reality - 6572643328
Created by Unknown