Rage Comics

rage guy

Like Bambi

rage guy me gusta asleep lol walking trip FUUUUU - 6730194944

Teacher Fail

rage guy teacher troll Chemistry FUUUUU truancy story - 6817617408
Created by Gogeta2012

Good Guy Mr. Bean

rage guy fuuuu pants pee mr bean faucet - 6876912128

Email, How Does It Work?

rage guy tech support computer soon email herp derp face palm FUUUUU - 6877781760
Created by GedLarsen

Stupid Facebook Games!

games rage guy Farmville notifications facebook dumb FUUUUU - 6659059712
Created by Sixty7

Dodging Traffic Is Good Exercise Too

rage guy fat poker face exercise FUUUUU traffic - 6780439040
Created by TheHumorous1

Happens Every Time...

rage guy snow poker face dog poop walking winter FUUUUU - 6855045376

It's a Tradition

rage guy christmas tree FUUUUU - 6870762240

I Feel Bad for Drummers...

Music drummers bands rage guy fuuuu - 6810434048
Created by jesse.godwin2

Just a Little Skin!

rage guy terminator skin FUUUUU - 6834916352
Created by devil_troll

Crunch Stealer

rage guy friends troll FUUUUU - 6849284608

Rarest Of Them All

rage guy rare shiny fire poker face pokemon cards FUUUUU - 6820171776

How Could You..

rage guy siblings m&ms Party skittles FUUUUU - 6799358976

It's The Circle of LIFE

rage guy lion king Grumpy Cat Cats FUUUUU - 6871851008
Created by UrsoerTheSquid

Coke-Cola Nostril Inferno

rage guy burning soda coke sneeze FUUUUU - 6856307712
Created by HiddenCheezburga09

When Steam Sales Go Wrong

steam rage guy true story sales video games FUUUUU - 6680848640
Created by ZazorahtheEpic