Rage Comics


You Sure They're Not a Blonde?

hair nothing to do here racism Rage Comics seriously wtf - 6040525568
Created by Unknown


are you kidding me racism - 6487446016
Created by XEN90

Rolling On Floor Raughing

China lol racism Rage Comics - 5336445696
Created by Unknown

I Don't See Color

Awkward racism Rage Comics - 5098745088
Created by Unknown

I Wasn't Even Hungry

asian racism Rage Comics restaurant - 6507754240
Created by Unknown

I'm Just Trying to Do Something Nice!

big brother poker face racism - 6512471808
Created by Unknown

What's That In His Pocket?!

exercise racism Rage Comics running - 5501941248
Created by omnomnomnommuffins

That's Offensive!

poker face racism Rage Comics - 6091949824
Created by paperfold

That'll Teach You to Talk About Me in Languages I Don't Understand

Macarena racism Rage Comics spanish work - 4903625728
Created by Unknown

Oh Hello, Media Bias

black news racism Rage Comics white - 5472248832
Created by Unknown

Not All the Same, Sistah

asian chinese racism Rage Comics - 5304368896
Created by MoosesH

Spirited Pal?

poker face racism Rage Comics she wants my - 6276501504
Created by Unknown

That's Racist

black chicken racism Rage Comics white - 5281790464
Created by AddyAdam