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Reframed: The NSA Also Saw What You Did

NSA prism - 7611425792
By Unknown

The Ugly Truth

NSA urinal poker face prism sweet jesus - 7563329280
By Unknown

One Good Result of the NSA Scandal

NSA prism troll science - 7574197248
By CoobBZP

The Bright Side of the Dark Side

NSA forever alone prism - 7671330816
By JDominus

¡Viva la Revolución!

NSA prism facebook - 7548556288
By Unknown

Privacy Concerns

NSA privacy problem prism - 7566111232
By Nils

Troll Activism

NSA trolling prism - 7577344512
By imaguid

No No No, It Was for a Video Game Recipe, I Swear!

NSA prism video games Skyrim - 7621785600
By Unknown