Rage Comics


Pranks Wars

prank train - 8319302656
Created by death_by_rage

Should Have Stuck His Hand in Water

prank Rage Comics raisin rage troll - 6465000704
Created by abrahammoreno

It Never Works

prank funny - 8469371136
Created by Spoons5421

Re-Raged: Capri Sun FFUUU

Reframe rage capri sun prank forgot - 8452885504
Created by RedAppleJp

You Had Me Going There For a Second!

christmas minecraft presents xbox live prank - 7945912832
Created by regularconnor

I Dealt With That Little Brat

Okay prank - 8329642240
Created by tukito14

Bad Timing

Y U NO halloween prank - 8341742848
Created by tentoes2

"Snow Of The Sun"

dads snow parenting prank - 7077689344
Created by freshbru

Flushing the Toilet During a Shower

rage expectations vs reality trolling shower toilet prank - 8570599680
Created by Unknown

"Yes, This is Chuck Norris"

nothing to do here prank chuck norris - 8421767936

Capri Sun Fun

capri sun prank - 8451985408
Created by DissolveTheKitten

Smashing Pumpkins

jack o lanterns halloween kids pumpkins prank - 8361116416
Created by death_by_rage

Prank Fail

fu guy prank soda - 6568583680
Created by Unknown

Ultimate Disappointment

chips prank - 8312984832
Created by Unknown