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Maybe I Should Stop Playing Angry Birds 24/7

angry birds phones smartphones batteries - 7157687040
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

It's a Vicious Cycle

nokia phones smartphones 2013 - 7276147200
By Rabid_Raccoon

Textttitng is Hstf Soemtohenns

phones smartphones typing texting funny keyboard - 7458937344
By slipknot2012

It Was Mostly Because of Cheezburger...

phones meta lol toilets - 8006013952
By Squidkid915

Never Mind, I'll Ask Someone Else...

phones tech support herpderp - 7731216384
By Smoking_Fish

Do You Even Listen to Yourself?

customer service Y U NO phones - 6539023360
By ideas2

Nuance Nuisance

class phones bad poker face no - 6773949184
By Unknown

Actually, Can You Call Him Instead?

parenting phones Rage Comics texting - 5987897088
By Honory

Stupid Phone!

phones taking pictures - 7757848320
By Unknown

Are You Sure?

phones captain obvious call you dont say - 7544815616
By Unknown

Why Am I So Stupid?

lost phone phones - 7246045440
By Unknown

My Little Plastic Heroes

Like a Boss Music phones ipod earbuds oh stop it you headphones iphone - 7798130432
By Unknown

I've Always Wanted a Tricorder...

message phones Rage Comics Star Trek - 4694725376
By Unknown

Use the 4G, Luke

droids phones Rage Comics star wars - 6165720576
By Unknown

Phone RAGE!

phones - 6225565440
By magis76

Wake Up Surprise

phones charger battery funny - 7536679424
By Master20021
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