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Easy on the Science Jokes, Nerds

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By Unknown

*Then You Better Go Catch It

lol pfftch - 6602229504
By alfred99

I Read About Them on the Internet?

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By Unknown

Now all I Need is an "Ironic" Shirt and the Transformation Will be Complete...

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By Unknown

That's What She Said

f yeah p3n0r pfftch Okay - 6733333248
By Unknown

It Smells Like a Failed Joke in Here

Okay pfftch Rage Comics - 6393570560
By Christobarr

Much Worse

Awkward pfftch Rage Comics toilet paper - 6310636800
By Unknown

D*** Loaf Again?

pfftch that sounds naughty - 6760864256
By StupidJerkAss

I Left Vindictus for This?!

leaf blower pfftch fu guy - 6643223808
By PNPGuitarist

I've Seen Movies That Start Like This

oh god why pfftch Rage Comics that sounds naughty - 6433713152
By Unknown

Ask Already!

learning parenting pfftch - 6699216640
By TAHUcloNe

Technicalities Saved the Cat

parenting pfftch Rage Comics video games - 6320255232
By Unknown

It Was the Cat

fart pfftch relationships - 6537452800
By Unknown

That Was My Ticket to Fame and Fortune!

jokes pfftch Rage Comics raisin rage - 6433806592
By Unknown

I Will Be His Undoing

parenting pfftch Rage Comics raisin horror - 6430770176
By earthangel217

Under Water Breathing 101

pfftch Rage Comics troll water - 6483725056
By hughes96
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