Rage Comics


Watch the pencil... Poof! It's gone. Luckily you can just erase anything you don't like and mark the jokes you do. That's the beauty of a pencil.

The Pencil Lead

broken pencil pencil sharpener rage - 8578939648
By UnicornPlayz

Easy, Tarzan

pencil Rage Comics toes - 4794936576
By Unknown

Pencil Perfection

pencil pencil sharpener school - 8561823744
By death_by_rage

Cheap Visual Effects

pencil class school me gusta funny truancy story - 6136136448
By Darrylx3

The Only Number Two I Want to Find

pencil lost and found f yeah freddie - 6720692480
By Unknown

I'm Like a Really Fancy Pirate

eye monocle pencil Rage Comics stab - 4767673344
By STH4ever

I Say!

gentleman mustache pencil Rage Comics school - 4773974272
By Unknown

The Race Against Time

pencil notes writing - 7085391616
By TheNextGrumpyCat

It's a Pencil, NOT a Chisel!

pencil numb raisin horror derp - 6720945920
By Animators-Voice


class pencil Rage Comics - 4721834752
By Danieke


candy halloween pencil Rage Comics trick or treat - 4690361600
By Unknown

Is the Lead Broken In There?

fu guy me gusta pencil Rage Comics - 5734296064
By Unknown

I Always Keep the Important Stuff

fu guy lost mother of god pencil Rage Comics - 5844469504
By Unknown

Grand Theft Pencil

pencil Rage Comics watch out - 5464618752
By Unknown

Who Raised You?

pencil poker face Rage Comics raisin rage truancy story - 5675983616
By thatkid4815

I Told You, Never Again

annoying i lied pencil Rage Comics - 5387071488
By Unknown
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