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Ask Already!

learning parenting pfftch - 6699216640
Created by TAHUcloNe

That's a Nice Tent

no no tubes oh god why parenting - 6551379712
Created by Unknown

If You Like My BFF so Much, Why Don't You Adopt Him?

are you kidding me parenting Rage Comics truancy story - 6294978816
Created by LaffAtU

Nothing, I Think I'll Have a Second Helping

cooking noms parenting Rage Comics - 6117338624
Created by Unknown

I Understand My Parents Better Now

first day of school kids parenting - 8252655104
Created by Unknown


moms parenting no Okay sleeping - 6541093632
Created by Unknown

Cheap Dad

nothing to do here parenting dad fathers day - 6643187712
Created by BattleTeo

Mom's Flip Flop Rage

parenting wtf - 6555404032
Created by Unknown

Everything But

groceries eggs poker face parenting - 6678151168
Created by Unknown

Everyone Ever

gaming parenting - 6538806016
Created by Unknown

It Takes a Second to Get Out of "GTA Online" Thinking Mode

bad poker face GTA V video games moms parenting - 7908564992
Created by Unknown

Maybe I Can Get a Newer Model

birthday car parenting Rage Comics troll dad - 6399004160
Created by IEatPicklez

Sofa King

parenting theft fu guy - 6705346304
Created by Unknown

At the Zoo

zoo parenting bad poker face oh god why - 7140799488
Created by Sara A.

It's a Trap!

gtfo parenting Rage Comics raisin rage - 6352639232
Created by Unknown

Where Did I Go Wrong?

parenting picard facepalm Rage Comics time - 6439162112
Created by Unknown