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Too Many Images

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Via quinnmints

This Father Has Won the Internet

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By BlueKyuubi63

Maybe When We Get Home

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By Chiminix

You Could Have Just Asked

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By poopyjoe

Parenting Win

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By Unknown

You Raised Me Right

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By SeanLolz

Making Dad Proud

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By Unknown

You Can Take My Games, but You Can Never Take My Internet

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By Unknown

Five More Minutes

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By Unknown

Ease Off, Lady!

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By Unknown

Why Must You Forsake My Feet?

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By Unknown

Have Your Cake and Eat Mine Too

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By Seth

There's Fresh Fruit in Here!

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By Unknown

It's Not a How-To Manual, Dad

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By eggscostmoney

Troll Baby

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Wash My Mouth Out With Soap

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By Unknown